Marco Polo had recently returned from the great land of Asia with untold riches. The Venetians were the main point between Asia and Europe with control over almost all trade. The desire for wealth and curiosity drove men to pilot their ships to and around the Cape of Good Hope. The trip there was long and hard, but the rewards were deemed worthy of the effort. One man, Christopher Columbus, decided that he would find an easier and more profitable way to Asia. He wanted to sail all the way around the world, by crossing the Atlantic. 

After years of negotiations, Columbus was sponsored by Spain to sail his famous voyage; with the ships the Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria. Columbus obviously ran into the Americas, but he did not know that. Instead he thought he had reached Asia, and that the never before seen plants and animals of the Americas were just part of the Asian wonder. Needless to say, the new plants and animals were the beneficiary portion of the exchange. Unfortunately, there was also a negative effect: Diseases from Europe were brought to the Americas and proved devastating to the Native Americans, who had not evolved a general immunity. The Colombian Exchange changed the world forever, and while there were negative effects, they were balanced out in the end.

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