My first thesis is about homework lab. While homework lab is a good incentive for students to do their homework, many good students are sent to homework lab, just because they had a memory lapse. Therefore, I think that all students should be able to use one or two "Get Out of Homework Lab Free" passes to use throughout the course of the year. Of course, the passes should be monitored electronically, so no swapping is possible. My second thesis is to make sure all of the correct programs and software is installed on the school computers, so students do not have to waste class time uploading the said programs and software.

My third thesis corresponds with my second thesis. There should be a list in the technology lab or library that students can sign programs they want added to the school computers on. My fourth thesis is to have the drama club and music groups perform for students in an assembly as well as a night performance. (It's done for the rallies, why not music and drama?) My fifth and final thesis is to add more encouragement to Spirit Friday. Even if students don't have Computech t-shirts or sweat shirts, they should be encouraged to wear Computech colors every Friday. Something along the lines of a first period class competition, or a raffle, or maybe even a non-standard of dress day for students who wear spirit clothes a number of times. Those are my theses and I hope that they are put into effect.

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