My people and I have been traveling through many moons. We ventured across a strip of land surrounded by ice and emerged into a place never before seen. The game we followed here continues movement to the south and has led us on a long and difficult journey. Eventually, we have come here, to a warm valley with many delicious plants. We expect there we be game here as well, the luscious vegetation here could not go unnoticed. Everyone enjoys it here, but many people are unsure if everything will last. I am undecided and decide to explore to clear my head.

I wander through a field of grasses, when at the edge, I see a vibrant, green stem and walk closer; I have never seen such a grass before. I dig it up to look at it closer and am shocked. This "grass" is growing out of a seed! I rush back and show our leader, but he is unsure as to what it means. I am confident and explain it to him. This must mean that all plants grow from seeds. If we can fetch the seeds ourselves, we can plant and protect them in the location of our choosing. If we are careful, we will never run out of food. Our clan decides to stay in the valley and we grow the seeds of favor, varying with the years. We perfect our process and call it... farming.

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