In reading the article "Struggle for Smarts" I noticed the major differences in Western and Eastern culture. In America, it is expressed that you must be intelligent to do well. But "Struggle for Smarts" illustrates that in Eastern society, it is encouraged that hard work and struggle be involved to build character and increase self-esteem. Most Western classrooms invite the students with average or above average work to the front of the class, but in Eastern classrooms, students that are struggling with the material have to show their work and try and improve, as shown in the anecdote in the article. Having students that are struggling input their material is a technique used in Western classes, to encourage the student to try harder and work more, but is used less often, and more proficient students usually are chosen.

This and some other experiments show that Eastern mindset provides a better learning environment and opportunity for students. Some of those techniques can be applied to the classroom and used for students to help themselves learn more.

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