In math this year, there weren't very many challenges. The one time was when our teacher asked us to solve a combined work problem. A combined work problem is like this: if I can do the work in 5 hours, and you can do it in 2 hours, how fast can we do it together? My group and I had no idea, and so we came up with a complication, random solution. The actual way to do it is to say, well if I can do all of the work in five hours, in 1 hour I can do 1/5 of the work, and in 1 hour you can do half the work. Then you can write the equation 1/5*h+1/2*h=1. You multiple the whole equation by the LCM, which is ten. 2h+5h=10. 7h=10.   h=10/7. h=1 and 3/7. h= 1 hour and about 25 minutes.

Other than that, I really had no problem with math. By far, my biggest challenge was finding something to do when I was finished. My problems were solved when I went to a math competition and the school's geometry teacher instructed us in paper football. First, someone flicks the football to the other side in a "kickoff." Players then flick the football back and forth, alternating turns, and a touchdown is scored when part of the football is hanging off of the edge of the table. If the football falls off the table, the player that flicked it off is scored an "off." When a player reaches 3 offs, their opponent is awarded a field goal attempt, and they shoot it through the classic paper football literally handmade goal posts. An extra point is scored in the same way. After any scoring or kick attempt, all offs are reset to zero. That is what I did when I was done with my work in Algebra.


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