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For today's math blog, my class was asked to play a game called Diffy, and reflect on the results. There weren't many difficulties that I experienced while playing the game, but I did notice a pattern. On the integers level, on the green section, the top and left boxes were the same, and so were the bottom and right. Also, on the purple section, the boxes diagonally across from each other were equivalent. On the red, for both integers and decimals, one of the diagonal pairs was equal. On just the decimals, all of the boxes on green were the same and the purples were all of the same. I think that this is a result of the fact that the smaller numbers get, the more likely they are to be the same, especially


11/26/2012 6:52pm

Your describing and description are really creative. I like the details and explanation. I think there aren't any mistakes. However I think you should finish the blog post.


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