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I began to see exponents in fifth grade but we really started using them in sixth. I have seen exponents mainly being used to describ the area or volume of a figure. I think that this means that exponents are probably used a lot in a class or environment like Drafting, where students have to create digital models or paper diagrams of real life objects, and include the measurements. Any person who would be dealing with figures or shapes in life or online would also need exponents. From an architect to a video game diesigner, exponents are used to describe the size and/or shape of multiple two or three dimensonal objects.

Exponents have also showed up in algebra, where we worked with pallets that we didn't know the exact size of, only that they were a pack by a pack, and therefore a pack squared. This proves that exponents would also show up in any profession as a mathmatician or a professor.


11/16/2012 10:45am

Could you have put at least one example.


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