Of many different math concepts, one of my favorites is the factorial. The factorial is one of the more obscure math concepts and is symbolized by an exclamation point. The factorial symbolizes that the number being factorialized needs to be multiplied by all of the whole numbers less than it, and greater than zero. For example, 7! is 7*6*5*4*3*2*1, or 5040. Needless to say, factorials are generally used with smaller numbers. For example, a factorial doesn't change the value of a two or a one. Likewise, 3 only becomes 6 and 4 only becomes 24. I learnt of the factorial in fifth grade, where, every morning, my class tried to get an answer using speific numbers with any math means possible.

Another of my favorite math concepts is a more recently learnt one: Inequalities. While most people learn basic inequalities in third grade, such as 5>2, my algebra class has been dealing with more complex ones, like 7.2<x<7.6. Some inequalities must be solved like two sided equations, such as 14<x+1.5<16.


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