Once you know the equation of a line, and that equation is in y=mx+b form, there are certain steps to graphing that line. First, take a Cartesian coordinate plane and place a dot on the value of the b. Then, put the slope into a fraction, if it isn't already, and move vertically the value of the numerator, and horizontally, the number of the denominator. After that, put a dot where you end up. Then use a ruler or straight-edge to draw a straight line connecting the two dots and continuing to the ends of the plane.

For example, if your equation is y=3x+1, put a dot at 0,1 or 1 on the y axis. Then put 3 into a fraction: 3/1. Move up 3 and over 1, then put another dot. Take a ruler, and connect those two points. If your equation is y=-3-1, put a dot at 0,-1 then move down three and over 1.


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