One situation where the Pythagorean Theorem would came in handy, would be if you didn't know what diagonal size your computer or television screen was, and you wanted to sell it online. You could replace "a" with the length, and "b" with the width, let's say 3' and 4'. Then you would know that your TV screen in fact consisted of a Pythagorean Triple, and was 5' in diagonal length. Also, if the world was being overrun by killer triangles, derived from a 4 meter square, then you would know that the triangle had legs of 4 meters and a hypotenuse of about 5.65 or the square root of 32 (4^2+4^2=c^2). Then you would have more information about your enemy and would be able to defeat them easier.

The Pythagorean Theorem has many possible uses, but its main one right now, is so the Pre-Algebra students can pass their ACS test.


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