The edible cell project is a fun one, and I think students enjoy it every year. The edible cell did help me remember the names and purposes of most of the cell parts, but I think Quizlet helped too. While the edible cell project is a good way for students to learn and reveiw the names of cell parts and organelles, I think that it would be easy for students to forget that the project has an educational purpose, becuase of its creative and food-oriented theme. I think that if the edible cell project is kept through the years, it should be repeated to students that they will need to remember names and functions or suffer grade-wise. 

I think that the cell project should be kept, despite its disadvantages, but think that the educational purpose of this project should be repeated to the students so they are not caught up in the inherent "fun" aspect. If that is done, the cell project will provide a creative and inventive way for students to learn names and definitions.

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