If I had a choice, I would like to meet Da Vinci. My reasons are that he is much more of a Renaissance man than Michelangelo. While Michelangelo is extraordinarily talented, and there are few people that can reproduce his works, Da Vinci was a scientist of many fields, not the least of which were anatomy, astronomy, physics, architecture, and cartography. He also was an extremely skilled painter and created the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Da Vinci was also an ingenious inventor, and drew designs for a tank, car, parachute, helicopter, telescope, and many other things.

Da Vinci also had mountains of notebooks, all written in mirror script. He no doubt had many other hidden notebooks with even more ideas that could revolutionize some fields of study, even today. Da Vinci is considered the true genius of the Renaissance by many experts, and I agree with them.

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